Biography of William Maxwell Aitken Beaverbrook (1879-1964)

Journalist and British politician. He/She was born in Maple, Ontario, in 1879, and died in Mickeleham, Surrey, in 1964. In 1910, he/she made the merger of Canadian cement factories. This same year he/she was elected Conservative Member of Parliament and became private Secretary of Bonar Law. The Canadian Government sent him as a representative close to the Expeditionary Corps in 1914; and he/she was called to occupy the first British Ministry of information, in 1918. He/She had previously received the title of lord. In 1917 it acquired the Daily Express, making him the newspaper of largest circulation in the world; and in 1921 founded the Sunday Express; where it created a rich School of talents, mainly artists; used their newspapers more as propaganda for revenue. In 1940 was Minister of production aircraft, greatly increasing the production of aircraft for the battle of Britain; He/She led the British delegation at the Conference in Moscow, in 1941; He/She was a close friend of Churchill, accompanied to Washington, and even dreamed to take his place. He/She was Minister of State, Minister of supply and lord of the private label.