Biography of Michael Beheim (1416 -1474/78)

German writer, born in Sulzbach in 1416 and died in place of origin between 1474 and 1478). The biography of Beheim only can be deduced on the basis of some of the claims made by the author in his works: continued the trade of their father as Weaver, until Konrad von Weinsberg took it to their service as a singer and poet. After his death in 1448, Beheim was in different cuts (that of the Wittelsbacher, that of the Habsburgs), as well as in different cities (Vienna, Augsburg, Nördlingen). It was probably the Mayor of his hometown, where he was murdered.

His work, written in a precise, abundant in Fables and didactic elements, language comprises 452 songs on the most varied subjects and three rhymed Chronicles which, in chronological succession, in part reflect events lived by the author himself: the Buch von den Wienern (book of the Viennese, 1462-66) composed for the Emperor Federico III deals with the siege of the imperial Castle of Vienna that Duke Alberto VI took place. The Buch von der Stadt Triest (book of the city of Trieste, 1464-66) narrates the occupation of the city by the Venetians. The Pfälzische Reimchronik (rhymed Chronicle of the Palatinate, 1470) collects family background and the battles carried out by Federico I.

Most of his poetic compositions are of a religious nature and are contained mostly in the Buch von der Liebhabung Gottes (book of God's love, 1467-74). If Beheim take any side in some of them, must be taken into account that all of them are composed by custom. Beheim also had some importance as a composer, and some of its rhythms influenced decisively the Meistersang.