Biography of Bek (ca. 1350 a.C.)

(Bak or Bk) Egyptian Superintendent of works and head of the sculptors of the Temple of Aten in Akhetatón (Tell el-Amarna), known mostly for a trail of quartzite, by way of a facade of naos (67 cm high), now treasured in the Egyptian Museum of Berlin, and a graffiti of Aswan. Such artist, son of the Roy Lady of Heliopolis and the sculptor Men, with whom he/she appears illustrated on another Stela from Aswan, enjoyed fair fame as an architect and sculptor. Is it the official style of the first years of the reign of Amenhotep IV (Akhenaten). In addition, carved stelae of the new amarnica city border and many busts of the own Akhenaton, with whom he/she often visited on artistic issues. In the indicated wake of the Berlin Museum, Bek, figured with voluminous belly, is depicted with his wife Taheret. If Bek was the author of this piece, so it would be one of the most ancient Egyptian self-portraits.