Biography of Joachim du Bellay (1522-1560)

French poet, born in the castle of Turmeliere (Anjou) in 1522, and died in Paris in 1560. In his time he/she was known by the nickname El Francés Ovidio. He/She studied humanities together with his fraternal friend Pierre de Ronsard, in College Coqueret, which was born of the Pléiade school. With the work defense and illustration of the French language, is unveiled in 1549; This year's La Olivia, collection of love sonnets of Petrarca and Platonic inspiration style. He/She went to Rome with his uncle, the cardinal Jean du Bellay; it suffered a huge disappointment both the work entrusted to him by the reality of a society completely corrupt and scheming; this bitter experience came his verses the Antiquities of Rome, their various games rustic also laments, published when he/she returned to Paris in 1558. He/She composed another work, entitled Poematum libri, with the same theme and Latin verses. In his style he/she alternated a repertoire of malicious irony with a touching lyrical vein. Posthumously published speeches, 1566-67 and Latin verses Xenia, 1569.