Biography of Ricardo Bellver y Ramón ( 1845-1924)

Spanish sculptor who was born in Madrid in 1845 and died in the same city in 1924. Member of a family of Valencian artists, was the intended to lead to the culmination his surname. At the age of 17 he began his early career with the realization of an interesting image of Tucapel, the hero of La Araucana, and at 19 got a beautiful bas-relief of nymphs and satyrs. In 1870 he moved to pensioner to Rome, where he modelled his best work the fallen Ángel, who presented at the national exhibition of fine arts, and which won the first medal; today can be seen in a square in the Parque del Retiro from Madrid that takes precisely this name. It is a nude of twists very strong in the style of Bernini, in which we can see influences of Miguel Ángel. He made other commissioned works, although far from his inspiration, as the statues of the Andrés santos, Pedro, Pablo, and Bartholomew, to San Francisco el Grande in Madrid, and the monument to Elcano (Guetaria).