Biography of Jean-Paul Belmondo (1933-VVVV)

Actor and producer of French cinema born in Neuilly-sur-Seine on April 9, 1933.


Stem of a renowned French sculptor of Sicilian origin called Paul Belmondo and a painter, Jean-Paul Belmondo grew school problems (attended different schools: to the of the street Henri Barbusse, L' École Alsacienne and Louis-le-Grand Institute). He/She practiced boxing in his youth years, but tempted by the world of tables, it held a hearing before the famous André Brunot, who made her debut at the theatre in 1950 and embarked him on a tour of hospitals in Paris in which embodied the Prince from sleeping beauty. Raymond Girard, who saw qualities of excellent actor in the young Belmondo, prepared in consideration of access to the Conservatory of dramatic art of Paris, where he/she was able to enter in 1951. Not debuted in cinema until 1957, in A foot, horse and car, Maurice Delbez, but the scenes in which intervened were eliminated in the Assembly room until the film premiered.

In 1959, took part in two films of some significance: all-risk, Claude Sautet and, above all, a double life, Claude Chabrol; but it was breathless (À bout de soufflé according to its original title), of Jean-Luc Godard, the film that would make him star. Released that same year, Belmondo gave life in the character of Michel Poicard. In principle, the film was intended to be a kind of aesthetic manifesto of the Nouvelle Vague, which pay homage to Premingerthrillers, film noir films produced by the Monogram and the golden age of Hollywood; However, Godard finished imposing his own style in the film. Belmondo, as insolent as the same tone of the film, insurance, seductive, amoral, somewhat childish, sporting therein as a boy, went into the bed of his lover with white socks and put hat to call by phone and even go to the bathroom. Belmondo modified the traditional image of gallant young, which helped him to be able to interpret, with several records, both comedy as drama. Their ways caused a sensation, especially in Italy. Directors of much prestige in those years then called you to intervene in his films: Vittorio de Sica for it almost wrote a paper in two women (1960); Mauro Bolognini made him a hole in your viaccia (1961) and Alberto Lattuada did the same in letters from a novice (1960).

He worked regularly with directors such as Henri Verneuil, Louis Malle, René Clément, Jacques Deray, Alain Resnais or Chabrol and the own Godard, but in 1961 he/she began working with two directors who used him as fetish actor: Jean-Pierre Melville, author of the magisterial Le silence de la mer (1948), and Philippe de Broca. Among the works that performed for the first Léon Morin Prêtre (1961), which gave life to a priest. Based on the work of Béatrix Beck, winner of the famous novel in 1952 Goncourt Prize, tells how a woman - embodied by the wonderful Emmanuelle Riva, the protagonist of Hiroshima mon amour (1959), Alain Resnais - is confused when he/she thinks he/she sees in it all the virtues and ideals of a man. With a drill bit, Belmondo settled its image of sympathetic ruffian and cheeky. Together they made movies as Cartouche (1961); The tribulations of a Chinese in china (1965), from the novel by Jules Verne; How to destroy the most famous secret agent in the world (1973); The incorrigible (1975), the last film of both together; and, above all, the immense box-office success that man from Rio (1964), a hilarious parody that blends perfectly the thriller, comedy and adventure.

With Jean-Luc Godard returned to collaborate on a woman is a woman (1961) and in Pierrot the mad (1965), new standard of French intellectual culture. Intended initially to be starring Michel Piccoli, it is often considered the more personal and finished of Godard. Another prominent role of Belmondo, this time directed by François Truffaut, is that interprets in the siren of the Mississippi (1969), a film by the often catalogued as "minor", in which Belmondo demonstrates dramatic quality while it unfolds into a story of deception and dislikes along with Catherine Deneuve.

Following in the footsteps of his great rival in the French screen, Alain Delon, he/she founded a production company and in the seventies and early eighties are interfered with in all processes of production of his filmography. Some of those films, very poor quality, were simple commercial vehicles of the brilliance of the actor. Anyway, great failure as an actor and producer came in 1974 with Stavisky by Alain Resnais, which moved him definitely undertake any other experimental product.

In the Decade of the eighties returned to the theatre with Kean (1987), de Robert Hossein, activity that followed by combining with the film. Over this past half you will still get some box office hits in films that again exploited his image; among them are professional (1981), George Lautner; ACE of ACEs (1982), Gérard Oury; or the Empire of the lion (1988), Claude Lelouch, interpretation that earned him the French Cesar. In the 1990s, despite the good reception of witnessed (1994), Claude Lelouch, he/she turned completely on the tables (theatre Marigny in Paris) and only abandoned the medium to embody characters dramatic, as in Les Misérables, updated version of the works of Victor Hugo.

Affectionately called by Bebel Frenchmen, Jean-Paul Belmondo wrote his autobiography, entitled Trente ans et vingt-cinq films; He/She was President of the Union of French actors between 1963 and 1966 and has been honored by the President of the French Republic with the order of the Legion of honour. Your good life star went off in 1994, when his daughter mayor, Patricia, died in a fire.


1957: On foot, on horseback and drive; A dangerous blonde; A wonderful Sunday; Les copains du dimanche.1958: Les tricheurs; Mademoiselle angel.1959: A double life; All-risk; At the end of the trip; The distractions; The Frenchwoman and love (episode L' adulter). 1960: letters of a novice; Moderato cantabile; Two mujeres.1961: Léon Morin, prêtre; The viaccia; A woman is a woman; Attract love; A such La Rocca; Cartouche; Charlotte et are Jules.1962: A monkey in winter; The confidant; Pension Italian; The scammer; A coeur gros comme ca.1963: dragées au poivre; The guardaspaldas; The day more corto.1964: River man; Free exhaust; The hunt for the man; One hundred thousand dollars to the sol.1965: weekend at Dunkirk; Kidnapping under the Sun; Pierrot the mad; The tribulations of a Chinese in china.1966: sweet thug; Is Paris burning? 1967: The thief; Casino Royal.1968: Ho!; The cerebro.1969: the siren of the Mississippi; Love and the infidelidad.1970: Borsalino; Thanks and misfortunes of a married of the year II.1971: the fury of the codicia.1972: Dr. Casanova; The clan of the marselleses.1973: the heir; How to destroy the most famous secret agent of the mundo.1974: Stavisky.1975: panic in the city; The incorregible.1976: the Hunter of women; The body of my enemy (and production). 1977: the animal.1979: I impose my blood and fuego.1980 Act: the King of the timo.1981: the profesional.1982: ACE of ases.1983: the marginal.1984: thugs and cheats; Cute and cheeky (and production). 1985: assault on the Bank of Montreal.1986: the solitario.1988: the Empire of the lion (and production). 1992: L'inconnu dans la maison (and production). 1994: one hundred and one o'clock; Witness of excepcion.1996: desire.1998: Une chance sur deux.1999: Peut-être.