Biography of Vladimir Vladimirovich Belousov (1907-1990)

Geologist and Russian Geophysicist born in Moscow in 1907 and died in this city in 1990, featured as the main defender of the "fijistas theories" during the 20th century.

(For more information see section of theories fijistas developed in the orogeny article.)

In 1942 he was appointed director of the Department of Geodynamics of the Soviet Academy of Sciences, and in 1960 he held the post of Secretary of the Committee of international Geophysics; four years later was appointed President of the Committee for the cartography of the upper mantle (Committee for Upper Mantle of the Earth Projects), who served until 1970. Defender of the theories fijistas proposed in 1967 his particular vision on the continuous regeneration of oceanic crust in its assumptions about the oceanizacion.

According to Belousov, materials that constituted the Earth were differentiated according to their density, physical property responsible for both structure internal as orogenic movements which had the Earth's crust (see orogeny).