Biography of John Belushi (1949-1982)

American actor, born on January 24, 1949 in Chicago, Illinois and died on March 5, 1982, in Los Angeles (California).


His first major work, and the one that launched him to fame, it was the Saturday Night Live television production, broadcast by NBC since 1975. Accompanied by actors Bill Murray, Chevy Chase and Dan Aykroyd, Belushi was made popular by their imitation of Joe Cocker and Henry Kissinger, and also the personification of the Blues Brothers musical ensemble that came up with his best friend, Aykroyd. The Blues Brothers wore sunglasses and black suit, in the style of New Orleans, and sang classic songs of the rhythm ' n blues, which serves as a link between the classic blues and modern rock.

Man of great emotional fragility, Belushi began to consume alcohol, marijuana and cocaine to support the frenetic pace of TV filming and the social pressure that was submitted. Her first big film break was the film Desmadre American (1978), JohnLandis. In this film actor interpreted the vandalism student Bluto Blutarsky, role that served for public and professionals typecast him in a little wild, comical characters. Thus, for example, that he had interpreted the war comedy 1941 (1979), by Steven Spielberg.

Their concerts together with Dan Aykroyd, both masked behind the appearance of the Blues Brothers, had a huge success in various places in the United States. Together they recorded three albums, and even received the offer of a film: rogues Blues Brothers (1980), directed by John Landis. Belushi was in this case a real drawback for the filming. Landis sought to complete a musical comedy with big stars joining the Blues Brothers, but the actor is drunk without brake continuously and consumed drugs before shooting his scenes. Such limits reached what Landis ended up throwing the bath cocaine Belushi, but little served this gesture and the continuing recriminations from his colleagues.

Shortly after talking to Robert De Niro interpretative details about your next project, John Belushi raised the possibility of consuming heroin to give life with greater likelihood to an addict. The last night of his life, drank a lot of alcohol and consumed large doses of cocaine, to the point that did not withstand the abuse and died of cardiac arrest. The scandal caused by the death and subsequent autopsy was large, and led to actors as Robin Williams to attempt to overcome drug addiction. Soon after, the journalist Bob Woodward investigated the suicide path of Belushi in a book that further fed the controversy, Wired: The short life and fast times of John Belushi.

Symbol of a Babylonian almost Hollywood, marked by drugs and the personal distress, the way of life of Belushi marked the end of an era. In fact, after his death it rippled the alarm among the stars, who began frequenting the detoxification cures and sports centres. On the other hand, apart from his enthusiasm for controversy, the actor opened a new way of understanding the comedy, very influential in actors as close to him as his younger brother, James Belushi.


Feature films: 1978: punch to the American; The sur.1979 road: 1941; Old boyfriends.1980: rogues to all ritmo.1981: my crazy neighbors; Continental Divide.

Works for television:1975: Saturday Night Life.