Biography of Mariano Benavente (1818-1885)

Spanish physician, born in Murcia in 1818, and died in Madrid in 1885. After working in an office of pharmacy in his native town, he/she studied medicine in Madrid. He/She worked for some time as a country doctor in Villarejo de Salvanés (Madrid). In 1856 he/she returned to Madrid to enter as a doctor from the Municipal charities, and he/she was appointed to the included. He/She gained his doctorate a year later and devoted himself thereafter to Pediatrics, specialty which reached quickly great professional prestige among the society of Madrid. He/She was until his death director del Niño Jesús Hospital and included, where he/she performed a meritorious work to combat a series of deeply-rooted traditions, which resulted in a significant decline of mortality among children hosted there. From 1857 he/she collaborated regularly in the century physician. A determined fighter against polypharmacy and superstitions that prevented the proper practice of medicine is shown in its articles. He/She was director of annals of surgery and member of the Royal Academy of medicine and the Spanish society of hygiene. He/She is considered the initiator of the paediatric speciality in Spain. His son Jacinto was the famous writer awarded the Nobel Prize in literature.



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