Biography of Vicente Benavides (militar chileno, 1777-1822)

Military chileno, born in Qurihue in 1777 and died in Santiago on February 23, 1822.

Son of Toribio Benavides, warden of the prison Qurihue, and María Isabel Llanos, in 1811 enlisted among the grenadiers of Juan José Carrera; only two years later it was Sergeant of the guard of José Miguel Carrera. Later moved to the realistic rows and was taken prisoner in Membrillar, but after achieving abscond, he/she returned to rejoin the Royalist Army. In the battle of Maipú in 1818, where he/she already held the rank of Captain, he/she was again taken prisoner by separatists and sentenced, after attempting a rebellion, to death. It is fusiló him along with his brother Timothy, on the outskirts of Santiago. He/She did not die, since is he/she pretended to be dead; and after retiring the military he/she could flee.

Cunning and cruel, his savagery became legend. After the failed execution, was under the command of the general San Martín independence that he/she wanted to use it so that you betray to his old comrades realistic. Initially Benavides accepted the mission, but as soon as he/she crossed the border returned to the Royalist Army. He/She then created an important militia which the mapuches and pehuenches; formed part the realistic financiers; the pastors of the villages and the Highlanders of Chillán. He/She set his headquarters in Arauco, and he/she was promoted to the rank of Colonel by the viceroy of Peru.

In 1818 he/she began the campaign against separatists, known as war to death, which was characterized by the ferocity and the bloody clashes. He/She managed to defeat and kill the Marshal Andrés de Alcázar in Tapellanca and put in serious troubles to the general Freire, he/she besieged in Talcahuano, but when he/she received reinforcements managed to break the site and disperse the troops of Benavides between 25 and 27 of November of 1820.

In 1821 Benevides raised a new army, which was defeated in the proximities of Chillán, at las Vegas de Saldías, on 9 October, by the troops of Colonel Joaquín Prieto. Benavides managed to flee again, but successive defeats ended its military prestige. He/She tried to flee then to Peru, but was taken prisoner on 2 February 1822 and executed the day 23 of that same month in Santiago of Chile.