Biography of Papa Benedicto IX (1023-1065)

Papa, son of Alberico, called Theophylact of Tuscolo, Earl of Tuscolo and nephew of Benedict VIII. and Juan XIX, Pope. He was elected in 1033 at the age of ten years and occupied the twelve the Pontifical throne. His excesses made is deporting him, putting in its place Sylvester III, who led the tiara just three months. He returned to Rome and to the Apostolic See, which then sold Juan XX, crowning it with their own hands. It arose shortly after armed again in Rome, the city where he was then the shocking spectacle of three Popes equally unworthy. Juan Graciano, Archpriest of Rome, bought the tiara to the three and was the fourth Pope alive, with the name of Gregory IX. Then came Enrique the black, King of Germany and put an end to those disorders, by electing Clement II, whose death became Pope Benedict, then observed an exemplary conduct and in the last years of his life he retired to a monastery. He died in 1065.