Biography of Papa Benedicto VIII (ca. 975-1024)

Pope was son of Gregory, count of Tuscolo, of the Conti family. His name in the secular world was Juan de Túsculo. He/She was elected to the papal throne in the year 1012, with the support of King Enrique II of Germany, which subsequently emperor would appoint. Expelled from Rome by antipope Gregory faction, he/she returned to the pontifical Chair. He/She fought victoriously against the Saracens in Tuscany and the Greeks in the Apulia. He/She visited Germany and obtained confirmation of donations made to the Popes by Charlemagne and Otto Henry. He/She distinguished himself as a politician and as a Minister of religion since maintained a spirit conciliator at the so-called truce of Dios. He/She pursued the Simony and took care of the splendour of the liturgy; However, some of its decisions precipitated the Western schism. He/She was a great Pope, although he/she has accused of ambitious. It happened to Sergio IV, Pope and his death, which occurred April 9, 1024, he/she was succeeded by his brother Juan XIX, Pope.