Biography of Josep Maria Benet i Jornet (1940-VVVV)

Spanish dramatist, born in Barcelona in 1940. Encouraged from a young age by an accused humanistic spirit, was first announced through television journalism, especially in cultural spaces. Later she addressed full literary creation, always in his dramatic genre, although not abandoned its link to television. At the beginning of the year 2000, he continued to work for the Catalan television (TV3), where has become one of the main writers of any dramatic program.

As a writer, debuted in 1964 with the work entitled Una vella coneguda smell, piece, written in catalan, came to announce a fruitful theatrical production always expressed in the same language. Difficulties of broadcasting which, by then, was literature written in Catalan are well patents on the fact that the first work of Benet i Jornet not happen by printing up to sixteen years after having been released (Barcelona: mile.) Llibreria publishing archive-theater, 1980).

Despite its early beginnings as a playwright, the play by Josep Maria Benet i Jornet was not usual in the Catalan scene until the Decade of the 1970s. In general, his work production can be defined by a constant concern for social issues, presented in a close to the Symbolist Theatre aesthetic framework. Another feature that identifies Josep Maria Benet theatre within the guidelines common to all playwrights of his generation is the interest shown by the author from Barcelona towards the theatre aimed at children.

Most of the work released by Josep Maria Benet i Jornet have been then carried to the printing press. Between the print editions of its theatre, is obliged to point out the following titles: Berenaveu a les fosques (Barcelona: Edicions 62, 1993); E.R. (Barcelona: Edicions 62, 1994); You merendabais in the dark (Murcia: University, 1996); Testament (Barcelona: Edicions 62, 1996); Alopecia (Barcelona: Edicions 62, 1994); Ai, carai! (Barcelona: Edicions 62, 1993); Baralla between olors (Barcelona: mile.) Llibreria publishing archive-theater, 1981); Cançons perdudes: (Drudània) (Barcelona: mile.) Llibreria publishing archive-theater, 1994); Charlotte i dona la de neu (Barcelona: Luis Vives, 1992); Wendy disappeared i altres obres (Barcelona: Edicions 62, 1982); Description d' a landscape and other texts (Barcelona: Edicions 62, 1979); Desig (Valencia: Eliseu Climent, 1991); DINs (Jehoshaphat) Cathedral (Madrid: General Society of authors in Spain, 1995); Elisabet and Maria (Barcelona: Edicions 62, 1982); Fantasia per an auxiliary administrative (Barcelona: mile.) Llibreria publishing archive-theater, 1990); Fideuet i amb maldat pots (Barcelona: El Hogar y La Moda, 1982); Fugac (Barcelona: Lumen, 1994); Helena to l'illa del Baró Zodiac (Barcelona: mile.) Llibreria publishing archive-theater, 1988); History of the virtuos cavaller Tirant lo Blanc (Barcelona: Edicions 62, 1991); The manuscrit d' Alí Bey (Barcelona: Teatre Lliure, 1988); Marc i Jofre or els alquimistes of Fortune (Barcelona: Edicions 62, 1985); The nau (Barcelona; Edicions 62, 1996); Pelofiero and evil Patuda (Barcelona: El Hogar y La Moda, 1982); Quan radio parlava de Franco (Barcelona: Edicions 62, 1990); Revolta de bruixes (Barcelona: Salvador Torres, 1976); The Baghdad somni (Madrid: Bruño, 1992); Fantasy workshop: Supertot (Barcelona: Edicions 62, 1997).

In addition to these works, Josep Maria Benet i Jornet has premiered Apunts on the beauty of the temps and La fageda. The national theatre of Catalonia has put on stage applauded mounting about his work, premiered under the title of Olors.