Biography of William Rose Benét (1886-1950)

Poet, Narrator and American literary critic, born in Fort Hamilton (New York) in 1886 and died in New York in 1950. Born in a family that was filled with special interest the literary phenomenon (was the older brother of the precocious writer Stephen Vincent Benét, began to play a decisive role in the evolution of American letters in the middle of the third decade of the 20th century, when it became the literary critic and editor of one of the most relevant publications between the specialized in this humanistic discipline: the Saturday Review of Literature. Started in 1924, William Rose Benet work in this important journal lasted, for more than one quarter of a century, until the time of his death.

In his role as a literary creator, became known as a poet with the publication of a volume of poems entitled Merchants from Cathay (1913), directorial debut that already displayed that fruitful and creative capacity of imagination that returned to explode, at the end of seven years, in a new book of poems entitled Moons of Grandeur (1920). Long after, already in the last years of his life, William Rose Benet was awarded the prestigious Pulitzer Prize in 1942, in their mode of poetry, by a brilliant narrative poem of autobiographical nature, entitled The Dust Which is God (1941).