Biography of Roberto Benigni (1952-VVVV)

Actor and Italian film director born on October 27, 1952 in mercy (Arezzo).

It belongs to the new generation of Italian comedians that began to emerge in the early 1990s. However, he started the experimental theatre, where a facet comic who has taken advantage of more developed not only in the theater, but also in television programs and various shows. Since the mid-1970s he began working in cinema as a screenwriter and actor, plot this which will assume roles of different consideration which will, for the majority of viewers around the world, unnoticed. In his early years as an actor he took part in films such as hot beds (1979), Luigi Zampa, or the Moon (1979), by Bernardo Bertolucci. However, abound in his remarkable career comedies though inconsequential, many of which failed to be released out of his country.

However, his work did not pass unnoticed for some Directors (even considered "cult"), as it can be the case of Federico Fellini or Jim Jarmusch, who set themselves in their artistic qualities, i.e. in its dramatic resources and talent, and not in their little impact. Thus, Jarmusch offered him work in low weight of law (1986) and night on Earth (1992). Fellini, for its part, will call you to intervene in his posthumous work, the voice of the Moon (1990).

His role as a director began in the early 1980s, where he was responsible for one of the successes of the Italian cinema of this decade, Non ci resta che piangere (1984), co-directed with Massimo Troisi, as well as Johnny Palillo (1991). However, while for the criticism his name had not passed unnoticed, in 1997 he surprised friends and strangers addressing and starring in life is beautiful, where combined with skill a tender sense of humor with the most absolute of tragedies; What initially appeared to be a film about the Holocaust becomes, without bulky shock effect, a hymn to hope. His work was recognized by the Academy of Hollywood will nominate seven Oscars and grant him three Best Actor, best foreign film and the soundtrack, feat difficult to achieve for a non-English language film. This success was reaffirmed by another similar at the Golden Globes.

As it has happened on many occasions, following the success of this latest film has been a reassessment of his previous works, as well as an unusual interest by what surrounds your figure. Result of this is that in June 1999 the University of Ben Gurion in Israel has been appointed Honorary doctorate in refendo to work in life is beautiful, as well as his participation in the French blockbuster Astérix and Obélix against César, which embodies the mythical character of devised Asterix by Goscinnyand Uderzo .

As director, Benigni has signed in recent years Pinocchio (in 2002, a fantastic recreation of the famous tale) and the Tiger and the snow (in 2006, an allegation against the war).


1977: Berlinguer ti voglio bene (and screenwriter). 1979: hot beds; Chiedo asylum (and screenwriter); Giorni cantati; A singular woman; The luna.1981: Pap'occhio; A Saint; i ladri hanno anche Il minestrone.1983: Effeti personali; F.F.S.S. cioe che mi hai portato a fare sopra Posillipo is non mi vuoi più bene; Your mi turbi (and director and scriptwriter). 1984: Non ci resta che piangere (and director and scriptwriter). 1986: under the weight of the law; Coffee and cigarettes (short film). 1988: I am the little devil (and screenwriter). 1989: the voice of the luna.1991: Johnny Palillo (and director and actor); Night at the tierra.1993: the son of Panther Rosa.1995: Monster (and producer, director and scriptwriter). 1997: life is beautiful (and director and scriptwriter). 1999: Asterix and Obelix take on cesar.2001: Pinocho.2006: the Tiger and the snow.

Other works:

1984: L'addio a Enrico Berlinguer (as a director).