Biography of Walter Benjamin (1892-1940)

Philosopher and German essayist of Jewish origin who was born in Berlin. Graduated in Bern with the thesis: the concept of art criticism in German romanticism. With the advent of the Nazi regime, he/she was forced to move to France. Once it occupied by the Germans, he/she decided to flee to the United States. To do this I had to embark on a port in the Iberian peninsula. But trapped at the border by the Spanish, and threatened authorities with being handed over to the Germans, committed suicide in Port Bou.

His writings appeared scattered in various publications. Let us remember some: about language in general and on the language of men, the task of the translator, German Baroque drama, thesis of philosophy of history.

His thinking revolves around two fundamental nuclei: theology, mainly Hebrew, and historical materialism, which, under the imprint of theology, is vivid in its more clearly messianic aspects. The central point of the reflection is the language, which outlines a philosophy of theological import. Language is the participation, in the creatures, the creative word of God. All creatures have a language, but the man is privileged because it condenses all the linguistic Faculty of the nature. With regard to historical materialism, Benjamin discovers a connection between this and the theology. Indeed, the inevitable triumph of the materialist ideology, is that it has taken as an instrument to teleology. The long has a wait for redemption, which responds the revolutionary decision of historical materialism. Benjamin opposes the time of historical materialism, at the time of the 19th century Historicism, which is understood as a homogeneous vacuum in which are placed in series, the facts.