Biography of Eduardo Benot y Rodríguez (1822-1907)

Politician, writer and Spanish mathematician who was born in Cadiz and died in Madrid, was a member of the Royal Academy of the language. As a scientist he/she highlighted in activities like Philology, mathematics and physics. He/She was one of the organizers of the Democratic Party. It was part of the Revolutionary Committee of Cádiz. He/She was elected Deputy for Jerez in the constituents of 1869, which highlighted as a major figure of the Republican minority. During the first Republic, he/she was Minister of public works. After the coup of State of general Pavia, he/she emigrated to Lisbon; on his return to Spain, the Republican Party had broken up, and he/she was part of the federalist group. Knowing multiple languages, showed their concerning issues of language. He/She was author of the art of speaking, philosophical grammar of the Castilian language (1910), critical examination of the Castilian accent (1866) and versification by metric feet (1890). Also wrote the drama my century, my heart and zarzuela the dead alive.