Biography of Queen of Egipto Berenice I (ca. 340-275 a.C.)

(Brnykt or Pherenike) Queen of Egypt, third wife of Ptolemy I, which had ties of kinship. Berenice I, already widow of a Macedonian named Philip, supplanted as Queen to his relative Eurídice, daughter of Antipater and wife of Ptolemy I-second when he/she accompanied her to Egypt. The King lagide, Berenice I had ArsinoeII, Filotera, PtolemyII, who managed to appoint him his father as heir to the throne at the expense of the children of Eurydice, and to Argeo. Her previous marriage had to Magas, who would become King of Cyrene, Antigone and Teosene. Berenice I was subsequently deified and worshipped along with her husband.