Biography of Queen of Egipto Berenice II (ca. 273-221 a.C.)

(Byrnykt or Pherenike) Queen of Egypt, daughter of Magas, King of Cyrene and Arsinoe. Berenice II married with Ptolemy III after a series of vicissitudes which took place when he/she accessed the throne in 246 BC Their children were Ptolemy IV, Magas, Arsinoe III, and Berenice. In order to ensure victory and the return of her husband, occupied in a war on Syria for supporting Berenice Syra, Berenice II consecrated her hair to Aphrodite. To disappear from the temple the ex-voto quoted spread legend, devised by the astronomer Conon of Samos, which had become astro, so it was given the name of "Berenice's hair". After the death of Ptolemy III, Berenice II ruled together with his son Ptolemy IV, but was murdered, probably with the complicity of his son.