Biography of Bermudo o Vermudo II. King of León y Asturias (¿-999)

King of Asturias and Leon from the year 982 to 999. Son of Ordoño III and Urraca Fernández. Known by the nickname of El Gotoso, due to his chronic attacks of the disease. More than fifteen years of reign were wrapped in a multitude of problems. The first of these, and endemic in all Asturian of the high middle ages monarchs, the aristocratic revolts, since part of the aristocracy, especially the powerful Galician of the Menendos lineage, he/she helped Bermudo to expel from the throne to her cousin Ramiro III; There are even some indications that talk about a rather than a possible Pact with Almanzor, the caudillo cordobés, which offered support to Bermudo for his ascension to the throne in return for taxes and maintenance of certain Islamic fittings at the crossings of the Kingdom of Asturias.

Faction ramirista, unhappy with his role at the Court, did not hesitate to increase its harassment to the monarch. This helped, moreover, the suspicion that woke up her marriage with Doña Velasquita, carnal premium which only separated a couple of official degrees of kinship. The solution of the monarch was the organizing a powerful army uniting all their nobles, to channel anger towards the Muslim enemy, which expired in Osma (987) with the help of Spanish troops and Navarra.

The following year the problems are running high: is bound by the ecclesiastical authorities to repudiate Velasquita, then marrying Doña Elvira, daughter of the Castilian count Sancho García. In addition, broken the Covenant with Almanzor, the raids of the amirida plundered completely the area located between Zamora and Leon, sweeping Coimbra in the year 988. The infighting rarefied the atmosphere at the party end of his reign, reaching the Galician nobles accompany troops from Almanzor that was, without doubt, the moment sad of his reign: the taking and sacking of Santiago de Compostela (998).

Decimated by the drop and tired of supporting the actions of surly nobility, he/she died in the year 999, with his death a tensisima dispute has been opened by the Regency of the Kingdom between Sancho García, count of Castile, and Menendo González, head of the Galician nobility party. The mediation of Almanzor awarded the Regency to this final, fearful of a hypothetical Castilian territorial union.


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