Biography of Bermudo o Vermudo III. King of León y Asturias (1009-1037)

King of Asturias and Leon from year 1027 to the 1037. He/She succeeded his father, Alfonso V, after the latter's death in the assault to Viseo. Being minor Bermudo, reclaiming a cruel fight for the Regency between Sancho Garcés III, count of Castile, and the intriguing Castilian-Leonese lineage of the candles, head of the Leonese aristocracy. Sancho the Mayor concluded the marriage of his son García Sánchez with the sister of Bermudo, Doña Sancha, as reinforcement of his Regent. But the sails were murdered the infante García (1029) on the door of the Leonese Church which was to be held the link. This prompted a tough crackdown castellano-navarra.

Bermudo, encouraged by his advisers, drove out then Navarre delegates of his court in the year 1032, year where he/she reached the age of majority. The war between the two kingdoms was swift and Sancho el Mayor conquered Astorga, Zamora and the city of Leon in the year 1034, forcing Bermudo to flee towards Galicia. There were preparing a counter-offensive with the reinforcement of troops of the Galician noble lineages, which delivered a hard blow to the Navarrese army on the banks of the Pisuerga in the year 1035. The Navarrese monarch died from wounds received in combat.

After this, Bermudo had to deal with claims on the Leonese throne successor of Sancho, Fernando I. The navarro-castellana Coalition ended the life of Bermudo III in the year 1037, after his victory in the battle of Tamara. The direct successors of King Pelayo line became extinct with the death of Bermudo III. Fernando I, brother-in-law of Bermudo, unified the kingdoms of the North of Spain in a single territory with his victory.


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