Biography of Javier Bernaldo de Quirós (s. XX)

Bullfighter Mexican, descendant of Asturias which, by direct line, came from the first Marquis of Argüelles. While economic needs force him to follow the bullfighting profession, it was left to carry his great hobby Cúchares art and got an opportunity to arise, still as truant, in the plaza Monumental de Mexico on November 22, 1981, when which was faced with a lot of bulls bred in San Juan Tadeo cattle. That afternoon, in which debutant cut an ear to his first enemy, accompanied on posters to young Javier Bernaldo de Quirós also novices José Alonso and José Lorenzo Garza.

In view of the good conditions aimed its bullfighting, a couple of months after this debut in the capital of Mexico, he managed to take the alternative, in the course of a run held in the arena of Querétaro. It was, then, the month of January 1982, date in which Javier Bernaldo - as announced on posters, by subtracting prosapia to his surname - it was sponsored by the veteran right-handed Manuel Martínez Alcira, in the presence of Jorge Gutiérrez Argüelles, who was as a witness. August 27 of that year, already well-established in the ranks of the bullfighters in Mexican bulls, Javier Bernaldo appeared before the fans in the nation's capital to confirm the validity of his bullfighting PhD. As designated time, he made the paseíllo sponsored by Ricardo Sánchez, who, under the watchful eye of Manuel Capetillo Villaseñor, who appeared as a witness, gave him tackle that had muletear and store a res, marked with the sign of Xajay. Although Javier Bernaldo was not lucky in the fight of this first opponent, he managed to cut an ear of the second horned of their lot.