Biography of conde de Cerdaña Bernat Guillem (ca. 1075-1117)

Count of Cerdagne, born to 1075 and died in 1117.

Son of Guillem Ramón de Cerdanya and Berga and Doña Sancha of Barcelona, Bernat was a brother of Guillem Jordán, who had inherited the counties on the death of his father, and began to run them when it went to fight in the Holy land in 1102. In 1111 he/she tried to annex the County of Besalú, whose dynastic line had become extinct in the person of Bernat III, to their territories but the pressure of Ramón Berenguer III got that at the end the County passed to the orbit of the House of Barcelona.

In good relations with Barcelona, Guillem Bernat participated in preparations for the expedition for the conquest of Majorca and Ibiza, territory ruled by Mubassir ibn Sulayman, in which Ramón Berenguer III led to the Pisans (1114). In the absence of the count of Barcelona, count of Cerdanya directed the defense of the plain of Barcelona of the almoravides attacks. His death childless the County of Cerdanya was incorporated into the Barcelona.


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