Biography of Conde de Besalú Bernat III (ca. 1065-1111)

Count of Besalú born about 1065 and died in 1111. It was the last count with which Besalú retained its political and economic independence. His death put an end to 209 years of sovereignty.

Son of Guillem II and Estefania, remained under the tutelage of his uncle Bernat II until 1085, year in which was associated with the County Government. He/She shared the direction of Urgel with Bernat II until his death in 1097 and then ruled alone until his death. The first news that is Bernat III in front of the County is 1099, when Bernat Adalbert presented tribute feudal by having the castle of Navata.

October 1, 1107 married María, daughter of Ramón Berenguer III and granddaughter of the Cid, had only twelve years of age and that it brought in dowry the County of Osona. Bernat III signed with his father-in-law a Pact by which their domains would pass to the count of Barcelona in case of not having children and vice versa. Doña María died between 1108 and 1111, and left no descendants, so that after the death of Bernat III in 1111 the counties of Besalú and Vallespir Osona passed to the House of Barcelona.

Bernat III was a man of weak personality, which always bowed to the dictates of his uncle, and when it died, his father, the count of Barcelona. Like its predecessors, it was deeply pious and made substantial donations to Besalú de Santa María Juvinyà Sant Martí (1104) and other monasteries of the County.


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