Biography of Vicente Berriz (ca. 1756-?)

Military Spanish born in Seville towards the year 1756, whereby the data concerning the place and date of death are unknown.

A soldier distinguished, September 13, 1785, he studied at the College of Alcalá, where took great pleasure to mathematics. In 1786 he was promoted to second lieutenant, and he was sent to the island of Trinidad, where it amounted to Lieutenant, on April 5, 1795. There he suffered the English attack, lost his luggage and was prisoner to surrender the island, on February 17, 1797. Shortly after he returned to Spain.

From Seville, September 12, 1798, is aimed at count of Revillagigedo, inspector-general of artillery, sending him several papers on points of mathematics, whose examination requested. It basically is a dissertation on the nature of the curved lines, quite different from the straight lines, and determination of the reason of the diameter to the circumference of the circle, dated the same day. On December 20, 1798 Segovia professors Pedro Giannini, Isidoro Gómez, Rafael Pessino, Cándido Elgueta, Diego Navarro, Antonio Elgueta and José Vergara issued a report in which desconceptúan the scientific value of the dissertation, alleging that in Trinidad it lacked books, so it should keep working. They are based mostly on the mathematical principles of Newton. Berriz rebuts critics, in Seville, on 21 January 1799.

Captain of the sixth battalion, on 4 February 1799, Captain of the company of workers of Seville, on July 7, 1802. In 1804 he joined the fixed companies.

He published a "Manifesto" in Sevilla, number 371, of 1804 or 1805 literary mail. Director of the work in the coal mines of stone of Villanueva del Río (Sevilla), on January 20, 1806. Lieutenant Colonel, directed the casting of Seville under French domination, from May 16 to October 15, 1810. He was also director of the school of body of artillery, created by the French on July 17, 1810. It lasted until 1812. To leave the French Seville not re-entered artillery. He published the absolute balance. System of the universe. First part. Dialogues (Seville, 1815).

He was promoted to Lieutenant-Colonel, but when on 27 March 1820 arose in Cadiz to swear to the Constitution, suspended him employment, April 13, 1820, under the Decree of 8 April 1813, until it justified in the General captaincy of Andalusia which had been his conduct under the French occupation.


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