Biography of Claude Louis Berthollet (1748-1822)

French chemist, Member of the Institute, Senator of the Empire and after couple of France. He/She was Professor of chemistry at the Ecole Normale, director of the Gobelins factory, commissioned with Monge in 1796 bring Italy to France the art objects that the victory had put in the hands of the French. It formed part of the expedition to Egypt, and on his return to France continued their work of chemistry in the laboratory that had to build its fifth of Arcueil. Among his discoveries cited preference of the properties of chlorine, its application to the bleaching of fabrics and the clarification of the water by coal. In addition, he/she contributed to union with Lavoisier, Guyton de Morveau, to establish the new chemical nomenclature. His main works are: chemical statics; elements of the art of the dry cleaning; Research on the laws of affinity; Chemical system from Thomson and new method of chemical nomenclature, etc.