Biography of Luc Besson (1959-VVVV)

Director of French cinema, born in Paris on March 18, 1959.


Luc Besson spent his childhood in travels around the world with her parents, who worked as monitors of diving. His life was spent near the Mediterranean Sea, between Greece and Yugoslavia. The first time he swam alongside a dolphin was ten years old. Aquatic life will influence already in one of his first works, the big blue (1988), which wrote a sketch entitled Le petit siren, being still a child. The theme of the fifth element (1997) also came up in his teens. This fertile imagination not conceded however with his school life, which seemed boring compared to the stories that he invented. Seventeen suffered an accident that prevented him from further diving, and had to abandon his dream: becoming a marine biologist specializing in dolphins. One of the figures of reference was Jacques Mayol, the world champion of free diving, which had gotten to fall 92 meters.

Eighteen Besson settled in Paris, his hometown. There he began working on several films, since it considered that that was the appropriate channel to deposit their fantasies. He tried his luck in the United States for three years, but then returned to France. After completing military service, he began working as Assistant Director Alexandre Arcady. In Paris, he founded his own production company: "Les Films de Loups", which would then change its name to "Les Films de Dauphins". In the bosom of the producer, made a short film entitled L'avant dernier, essay for his later work Kamikaze 1999 (1983), which will be his contribution to independent cinema, and which will get its first award: he granted him the criticism at the fantastic Festival of Brussels (1983). In the Decade of the eighties, following the creative stream of the moment, Besson filmed some videos in 16 mm. His first commercial success with the feature film was in search of Fredy (Subway, 1985), with Isabelle Adjani and Christopher Lambert; but his more personal title was no doubt the big blue (1988), film which became the most successful box office of French cinema, to the point that it was released twice; the second, with a longer version.

Recognition in the United States will be provided by Nikita (1990), written for her partner, Anne Parillaud, with whom he had a daughter. This recognition resulted in an American version titled the assassin (1993), directed by John Badham and starring Bridget Fonda. His next title, the Professional (1994), written this time for Jean Reno, who had accompanied him from the big blue, was a new box-office success. Besson was prepared to film the fifth element with Bruce Willis in the cast, and that will become his second wife, Milla Jovovich. In 1999, he premiered Juana de Arco, again with Jovovich, this time as absolute protagonist, in a history of great level but little commercial impact.

Besson has been nominated for the César awards from the Académie française, in a dozen of times. In 1998 she won it, in the best director category, for the fifth element.


As a director, screenwriter and producer:

1981: L'avant-dernier. 1982: Le dernier combat. 1985: Subway (in search of Freddy). 1988: The great azul.1990: Nikita. 1991: Atlantis (and Assembly and Director of photography). 1994: Leon, the profesional.1997: the fifth elemento.1999: Juana de Arco.

As producer:

1986: Kamikaze 1999 (and screenwriter). 1997: Nil by Mouth. 1998: Taxi (and screenwriter). 2000: The Dancer; Taxi 2 (and screenwriter).

As screenwriter:

1993: The killer.

Other works:

1983: Le Grand Carnaval (Assistant Director). 1986: Taxi Boy (technical advisor).