Biography of Patrocinio de Biedma (1845-1927)

Poet, Narrator and Spanish translator, Begíjar (Jaén)-born on March 13, 1845, and died in Cádiz in 1927. The signing of some of his works he/she used the pseudonym of Tiziano Imab.

Born in a noble family, his life was marked by two constant milestones that, on several occasions, appeared closely interrelated: the love of literary creation and the pain for the loss of their children. With only fifteen years of age he/she married don José de Quadros and Arellano, son of the Marqués de San Miguel de la Vega. Fruit of this union were three children who died shortly after being born, which plunged sponsorship in a deep regret that it was well clear in his first poetic delivery, Garland's thoughts (1872). This work, which was accompanied by a prologue because the poet and storyteller vizcaino Antonio Trueba - very honoured at that time-, was written following the death of the first-born of the author. It subsequently came from the press memories of an angel (1876), second collection of poems of patronage of Biedma, sadly inspired by the disappearance of his third son.

Dumped since then in the literature, Jaén author gave to the hollanders several works that played the most widespread genres in his time, as they were historical and realistic novel, newspaper articles, lyric and narrative poetry, and, even the dramatic genre, which made an incursion as a translator and adapter of the shadow of the Césaroriginal work of politician, writer and Barcelona historian Víctor Balaguer.

On the death of her husband, sponsored by Biedma settled in Cadiz in the shadow of her friend Princess Ratazzi, in whose company became one of the Baja Andalucía cultural cheerleaders. Thus, in 1877 he/she founded the magazine Cadiz, which involved leading artists and scientists of their time and region, to periodically take a publication that enjoyed great prestige among all cultural journals in the last quarter of the 19th century. Three years after the appearance of Cadiz, sponsored by Biedma contracted remarried with don José Rodríguez, who then directed one of the most important publications of the province, the Chronicle of Cadiz. This marriage link allowed him to cultivate his literary passion, at the time that empowered him to the press actively.


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