Biography of Wolf Biermann (1936-VVVV)

Writer and German singer-songwriter, born in Hamburg in 1936. He/She was born in a family of Communist workers, and in 1953 he/she moved voluntarily to the GDR. After studying political economy, mathematics, and philosophy, and having worked two years at the Berliner Ensemble, founded the Berliner Arbeiter - und Studententheater, dissolved by the authorities in 1963. Performances and the publication of his writings were banned because of harsh criticism that in his poems and songs towards the reality of the GDR, were expelled from the party in 1963 and in 1965. While its texts is illegally broadcasting in the GDR, his poems, together with recordings of amateur nature of his songs, were published in the FRG (Die Drahtharfe, wire harp, 1965; MIT Marx - und Engelszungen, with tongues of Marx and Engels, 1968; Deutschland. Ein Wintermarchen, Germany. A winter's tale, 1972). After a concert in Cologne, the GDR denied citizenship in 1976, because it was considered "enemy of the State".

His poems and songs reveal influences of Bertold Brecht, Heinrich Heine and some French poets such as François Villon and Pierre-Jean de Béranger. During his years in the GDR it criticized the Stalinist structures, without leaving this fight against imperialism and dictatorship and a socialist State free in the West. Following the withdrawal of citizenship of the GDR formed part of the anti-war and anti-nuclear movements in the FRG. In 1989, immediately after the opening of the borders, he/she gave concerts in Berlin and in Leipzig. In 1991 was awarded the prize Georg Büchner and in 1993 the Heinrich Heine.

Nowadays his texts focus more on elements of privacy, although they have not lost for this reason its political tone. Other collections of poems are: für meine Genossen (for my comrades, 1972), Preußischer Ikarus (Icarus Prussian, 1978), Verdrehte Welt - das seh' ich gerne (the upside-down world... I like to see it, 1982); Affenfels und Barrikade (the rock of the monkeys and the roadblock, 1986), Klartexte im Getümmel - 13 Jahre im Westen (explanatory texts in the tumult...) 13 years in the West, 1990), Gut Kirschenessen. DDR - ca ira (eat cherries well. GDR... ca ira, 1990).