Biography of William Billings (1746-1800)

American choral music composer born October 7, 1746 in Boston and died on September 26, 1800 in the same city. It is one of the most important composers in the American primitive style, whose works have become an integral part of the American folk tradition. He/She was a self-taught musical, and that his office was the Tanner. Her friends include several prominent personjes, as Samuel Adams and Paul RevereAmerican Revolution.

Billings work ranges from Psalms or hymns to the fuguing tunes, typical coral genus of Anglo-Saxon music, in which a first section of chords gives way to a lively melodic imitation. His music stands out thanks to its rhythmic vitality, freshness and its harmonies. Her work arise emotions that stand out in their exuberant The Lord Is Risen Indeed, and also in David completo Lamentation, though you can also appreciate the sense of humor of his singular Modern Music song or the austerity of the barrel When Jesus Wept. On the other hand, its lyrical hymn The Rose of Sharon has become one of the most popular hymns of the nascent America.

Billings was dedicated to itinerant singing lessons and had influence on later American musical culture, in particular in what refers to the transmission of the musical teachings of folk music. He/She wrote The New-England Psalm-Singer (1770), The Singing Master completo Assistant (1778), known as the best of Billings; also Continental Harmony (1794), The Suffolk Harmony and The Psalm-Singer completo Amusement.