Biography of Jane Birkin (1946-VVVV)

Born on December 14, 1946 in London British singer and actress. It reached enormous popularity by sensual song "t´aim Je... moi non plus", in which was a Duet with the singer Serge GainsbourgGaul.

After a period as an actress in England, where he became famous for a brief role in The Knack... and How to Get It, where it appeared nude; and by her marriage to the composer of the James Bond series, John Barry, who he divorced soon, met the French composer Serge Gainsbourg on a trip to France. It had recorded a song entitled "t´aim Je... moi non plus" with the also actress Brigitte Bardot, but this thought it was too daring (the song contained explicit verses and erotic groans), and didn't want to be publish. Gainsbourg convinced Birkin that she made the new version, which was originally released in the United Kingdom by the Fontana label in 1969. Due to the controversy that produced the song, the producer was dissolved when the subject was in the No. 2 lists. The timely emergence of producer Phil Solomon took in twinkling to "t´aim Je... moi non plus" to the No. 1 that year, and did it became a global success. The LP titled Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg, containing also the titles 69 année érotique and 18-39, was released that same year, and republished with great success in 1974.

Birkin continued editing LP, but the fame already did not accompany him. Comprehensive concert at L´Olympia, published in 1997, and Baby alone in Babylone a year later, are perhaps his most notorious works already in her nineties.

In 1998 published a case summarizing the most important of his discography. After that, the Birkin presented several disks which meant a revival of his career already in the 21st century. Arabesque (2002) was followed by Fictions (2006) and Rendez-Vous (2004). In this last met his favorite composers and contemporary artists such as Neil Hannon (of The Divine Comedy), Beth Gibbons, Dominique A, Johnny Marr (former guitarist of The Smiths), Brian Ferry, or Rufus Wainwright; and did some heavy versions, as "Harvest moon" by Neil Young, Tom Waits "Alice" or "Mother stand for comfort" KateBush.


1970: Je T'aime (Beautiful Love). 1975: lolita Go Home. 1978: Ex Fan des Sixties. 1983: Baby Alone in Babylone. 1987: Au Bataclan. 1987: Lost Song. 1992: je Suis Venue Te Dire Que Je M' on you go. 1993: jane B., Vol. 1. 1997: Concert Integral A L'olympia. 1998: Ballade de Johnny. 1998: jane Birkin Coffret. 1998: Je T'Aime Moi Non Plus 1998: Quoi Generique TV 1998: to the Légère. 2001: Jane in Concert Au Japan. 2002: Arabesque. 2004: Rendez-Vous. 2006: Fictions.