Biography of Fredbjørn Bjørnsson (1926-1993)

Dancer, choreographer and Professor, born in Copenhagen on September 10, 1926 and died in 1993.

He joined in 1935 at the school of the Royal Danish Ballet, in 1945 it became part of the company and from 1949 was a soloist dancer of the same. The ballets premiered: Etude (1948) and Morning-Noon-Evening (1949) of Harald Lander, the role of aggressive in Metaphor (1950) of Nini Theilade, Bios on Idolon (1952) of Frank Schaufuss, Vittorio in Capricious Lucinda (1954) of Niels Bjørn Larsen and Naaiden in Moon Reindeer (1957) of Birgit Cullberg, among others. Some of his creations for the Danish company were behind the curtain (Schmidt, 1954), Roguery (Halvorsen, 1957) and Lykke pa Rejse (Sark, 1958). Married to the dancer Kirsten Ralov. He was Professor of the school of the Royal Danish Ballet. In award for his artistic career, he was appointed Knight of the order of Dannebrog in 1961.