Biography of Rubén Blades (1948-VVVV)

Singer and songwriter of Salsa Panamanian born July 16, 1948. He/She began singing in a Rock band & Roll next to his brother Robert - also known interpreter language English-, but after the incidents of 1963, when American soldiers finished with 21 compatriots living, stop singing in English and takes up the Latin tradition, recording their first album in 1969. In that same year he/she moved to New York to finish his law studies. When he/she returns to Panama, his musical career obscures his work as a lawyer and in 1974, definitely preferring the stage, returns to New York, true epicenter of the movida gravy boat in those years. Sings in the band of Ray Barretto and in 1976 began a series of recordings with the combo of Willie Colón, including planting, the best-selling album of Salsa throughout history. In 1984 the committed Blades began to record solo, and a couple of years later, made its first appearance in a film, Crossover Dreams. Involved in activities such as combating anti-apartheid, he/she continued his career in the 1980s and, in 1988, he/she recorded Nothing But The Truth, first album in English, with songs co-written with Lou Reed and Elvis Costello.

His career as an actor can be considered positive, with appearances as disparate as predator 2 or the socially critical a place called miracle, directed by Robert Redford. Concerned always by the political and social reality of their country, arose as a candidate for the presidential elections held in May 1994, getting 17 percent of the votes cast.; Web by Ruben Blades.