Biography of Blanca de Navarra (ca. 1137-1155)

Princess of Navarre and Castile, born to 1137 and died in 1155. Daughter of the King of Navarre García Ramírez V was the the restorer. In 1140 his father and the King Alfonso VII of Castile arranged her marriage with the infante don Sancho, heir to the Spanish throne, under the peace accords that put an end to the armed confrontation between the two kingdoms. The wedding had to be delayed until 1151, when Princess reached pubescent age. In 1155, white gave birth to a male, Alfonso, eldest son of Sancho, who would come to reign as Alfonso VIII. Birth cost the lives of the mother until he/she had been crowned Queen of Castile, as Sancho III ascended to the throne in 1157. He/She was buried in the monastery of Nájera.


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