Biography of Nicolás de Bobadilla (1509-1590)

One of the five co-founders of the society of Jesus with Ignacio de Loyola. Nicolás Alfonso Pérez was born in Palencia Bobadilla of the way population the year 1509. He/She died in Loreto the year 1590. Carried out studies of rhetoric and logic in Valladolid, in the University of Alcalá graduated in arts and philosophy. Back in Valladolid continues ecclesiastical studies in the public schools of the University and at the Colegio de San Gregorio, while he/she runs Eve Chair in the University, teaching logic.

Extending studies in Paris in 1533, he/she meets Ignacio de Loyola, who convinces him to continue his theological studies with the famous master Mateo of Ori. In 1534 the founding core of the society of Jesus is: them two more Francisco Javier, Lainez and Salmeron, Rodríguez Fabro. In 1537 he/she moved to Italy and was ordered priest in Venice. In 1540 Pablo III approves the institution of the company and the first Jesuits make religious profession in San Pablo in Rome. From 1542 to 1548, by German lands, confronted with the doctrine of Luther. Returned to Italy, continues to play various missions ordered by the Pope: defending the doctrine of the Church, reforming monasteries and fighting against the Protestant Reformation.