Biography of Norberto Bobbio (1909-2004)

Philosopher and Italian jurist, born in Turin on October 18, 1909 and died in the same city on January 9, 2004. He/She was Professor of philosophy of law at the University of Camerino, Siena, Padua, and since 1948, in the Turin. First he/she made numerous works on specific problems of the philosophy of law. Later, after enter into a frontal criticism against the philosophy of type humanistic (as rhetorical, academic and vaguely comforting), Existentialist philosophy (decadent and improvisation) and Marxism (prisoner of dogmatic rationalism and the escatologismo of Hegel), adheres to what he/she considered the only possible alternative: the philosophy of the Enlightenment, guarantee of rigor and methodological consistency. This perspective returns to the studies of the philosophy of right trying to an authentic renewal of the reflection on it. In addition to his historical studies on the right, we must remember his participation in the political and ideological discussion of liberal socialism. He/She has been director of Rivista di philosophy. In 1984, he/she was appointed Senator for life by their many merits as an intellectual.

The production of Bobbio is as wide as diverse, with books on philosophy of law as Il positivism giuridico (1961), Locke e il diritto naturale (1965), Giusnaturalismo e positivism giuridico (1965), Da Hobbes a Marx (1965); as a specialist in political thought, is the author of Il problem della war e le vie della pace (1978) e Il futuro della democrazia (1984). Historical topic books are, for example, Saggi sulla scienza policy in Italy (1969), a militant philosophy. Studi his C. Cattaneo (1971), Studi Hepeliani: diritto, società civile, stato (1981), Profilo del Novecento (1988), Saggi ideological your Gramsci (1990) and Italy fedele. Il mondo di Gobetti (1995). As a lawyer, you should L' analogy nella logic of del diritto (1938), Studi sulla theory generale del diritto (1955), theory della norma giuridica (1958), theory dell'ordinamento giuridico (1960), Dalla struttura alla funzione (1978).

Political and Social Affairs in general, clearly progressive perspective, it relates to politics and culture (1955), Italy civile (1964), Quale socialism? (1976), Contratto sociale, oggi (1980), Le ideologie e il potere in crisi (1981), Stato, governo e società (1985), Il Terzo condotto. Saggi e discorsi sulla pace and the war (1989) e giusta war? Sul conflitto Gulf (1991). Bobbio has addressed burning issues, although it has always had sufficient intelligence to escape accusations of opportunism; in this respect, it is recalled Intellettuali e potere nella società contemporanea (1993), Destra e Sinistra. Ragioni e significant di Eguaglianza, a political distinzione (1994), nell sinistra e Libertà (1995)' was Karaoke (1995, with G. Bosetti and G. Vattimo), Center: tentazione senza fine (1996, with a. de del Noce) or with Marx Ne ne contro Marx (1997).

Other works on different in the field of sociological studies, legal matters and political science are Pareto e il sistema sociale (1973), Maestri e compagni (1984), Elogio della mitezza e altri saggi morali (1994), Stato, governo, società. Frammenti di a political dizionario (1995), Italiani: amici, nemici (1996, with R. De Felice De senectute e altri scritti autobiografici (1996), Dal fascism alla democrazia (1997), L' Età dei diritti (1997), and his autobiography (1997).