Biography of King of Egipto Bocchoris o Bakenrenef (720-715 a.C.)

(Bak-n-rn.f) second King of the Egyptian dynasty XXIV, son and successor of Tefnakht I, rival of Piankhi, of the 25th dynasty. Bocchoris is a name grequizado from the Egyptian Bakenranef. Manetho, for its part, regards it as the only component of the 24TH dynasty. His father Tefnakht I, after King Piankhi had left Egypt, could rebuild the political unit of the delta and middle Egypt and be recognized as Pharaoh. At death, the Kingdom, with capital at Sais, went on to power of his son Bocchoris, who took as the coronation name of Uahkare. However, there was send a tribute to the Assyrian king Sargón II along with a staff of twelve horses gift, to be defeated his troops by the Assyrian.

According to Diodorus of Sicily, Bocchoris was a wise man and a great legislator, though it is unknown what was practically the scope of its legal reforms. He/She also fought against the kushite King Shabaka (the 25th dynasty Pharaoh), brother and successor of Piankhi. According to Manetho, Bocchoris was captured in the fight and burned alive by such kushite King. The name of Bocchoris is just witnessed in Egypt, with the exception of the Serapeum of Memphis. A demotic Papyrus, already time Roman, and which contains the so-called prophecy of the Lamb, focuses on the calamities that would mark the end of his reign.