Biography of Bohemundo de Tarento y Antioquía (¿-1111)

Prince of Taranto and Antioch, son of Roberto Guiscardo, Duke of Apulia and Calabria. After the death of his father, whom he/she supported with dignity in a campaign against the Greek Emperor Alexios, inherited the Principality of Taranto in 1085. Joined the first Crusaders, taking possession of Antioch and making this city a Principality which lasted 190 years. Made prisoner by the Turks in an expedition to Mesopotamia, regained their freedom after two years. He/She attacked the Greek Empire, preached a crusade against Alejo in France, defeated the Greeks at various meetings, and ultimately was forced to ask for peace because of the famine and the plague. He/She died in Apulia in 1111.