Biography of Yves Boisset (1939-VVVV)

Director of French cinema, born in Paris on March 14, 1939.

Writer and film critic, after passing by the Institute of advanced studies film (IDHEC), is Assistant to Claude Sautet in weapons for the Caribbean, co-production involving Spain, France and Italy, with a screenplay by José Luis Dibildos based on a novel by Charles Williams. Participates with his friend Bertrand Tavernier in the film directed by Riccardo Freda between networks. The most remarkable work which involved as an Assistant is do burning Paris?, by René Clément, adapted from the novel by Dominique Lapierre and Larry Collins about the end of the German domination of Paris, which is nominated for two Oscars in Hollywood.

He made his debut in 1967 with the thriller starring by the also director Bertrand Blier and Klaus Kinski Coplan sauve sa peau. Its great success and one of his best movies is the attack (1972). Vaguely inspired by the assassination of Ben Barka in Algeria, it has a spectacular cast -Jean Louis Trintignant, Michel Piccoli, Jean Seberg, Roy Scheider...-with music by Ennio Morricone. Four years later, he/she directed another spectacular cast, headed by Fred Astaire in the Franco-Italian co-production a mauve taxi. Charlotte Rampling, Peter Ustinovand Philippe Noiretgive life to the eccentric inhabitants of a small Irish town.


As a director

1967: Coplan sauve sa peau (and coguion). 1970: Cran d' arrêt (and coguion). 1971: an Earl (and coguion); The henchmen (and coguion). 1972: the atentado.1973: R.A.S. (and coguion); Chronicle of a violation (and coguion). 1975: A crazy Pope to kill (and screenplay). 1976: Le juge Fayard dit le sherif (and coguion); A taxi mauve (and screenplay). 1978: A single woman (and coguion). 1980: criminal corruption (and coguion). 1981: Allons z'enfants (and coguion); Espion lève-toi (and coguion). 1982: the price of the game (and coguion). 1983: days of dogs (and coguion). 1986: Bleu comme l'enfer (and screenplay). 1988: the travestie (and screenplay). 1989: Radio Corbeau (and screenplay). 1990: the tribe (and screenplay).

As Assistant Director

1964: Weapons for the Caribe.1966: would Paris burning?.

Works for television

1988: Médecins des hommes (series). 1989: Le suspect.1990: Double Identity.1991: Les carnassiers (and screenplay). 1992: L'Affaire Seznec (and screenplay). 1994: l'affaire Dreyfus.1997: her fine Équipe (series). 1999: Sam (series).