Biography of Mauro Bolognini (1922-2001)

Italian film director, born in Pistoia on June 22, 1922 and died in Rome on May 14, 2001. Degree in architecture from the University of Florence, enrolled in the classes of the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia of Rome. Performs duties of Assistant Director of the Italian Luigi Zampa and the French Marc Allégret and Jean Delannoy. His directorial debut takes place in the year 1953 with Ci troviamo in galleria. His following works are sentimental comedies also I love you and Valentine, both of 1955.

At the end of the 1950s known to the then screenwriter Pier Paolo Pasolini. A great friendship that translates into fundamental cinematic collaborations for the artistic evolution of both is established between them. They jointly write the script for the comedy Marisa civetta (1957), and young husbands (1958), but most important film will be brava night that are born of this collaboration. With a screenplay written by Pasolini alone, the film is one of the earliest examples of the marginal universe of prostitutes, pimps and gays who later portrays in his work as a director. The censorship of the time mutilates the screenplay and makes the movie will suffer at times. The following year they return to collaborate in the adaptation of the novel by Vitaliano Brancatti beautiful Antonio and the giornata bolarda, just before the Pasolini is definitively passed to the address with Accattone (1961).

Bolognini is engaged since then carry the film known literary works: the viaccia (1961), about the work of Mario Pratesi; Senility (1962), by Italo Svevo; or Sant'Agostino (1962), about the short of Alberto Moravianovel. In the 1960s he/she collaborated in some of the films of episodes that are fashionable in Europe, including three profiles of female (1964), the four witches and the oldest profession in the world, both from 1966. But return recursively to what better can do and most prestigious has provided, the literary adaptations. Metello (1970) is based on the work of Vasco Pratolini and Bubu of Montparnasse in the French Charles L. Philipe. One of his most famous movies of 1970s, Ferramonti heritage, is based on a novel by Gaetano Carlo Chelli.

In parallel with these adaptations carried out increasingly more competently, he/she directed process a student accused of murder (1972), strong political charge and documentary dyes, inspired by student movements emerging all over the world at the end of the 1960s. His last films based on original scripts include goodbye, Moscow and the veneziana.


1953: Ci troviamo in galleria (and coguion). 1954: Il cavaliere della regina (and coguion). 1955: I love you too (and coguion); Lovers (and coguion). 1956: guards of Rome (and coguion). 1957: Marisa the civetta (and coguion). 1958: young husbands (and coguion). 1959: Arrangiatevi!; Brava overnight (and coguion). 1960: the beautiful Antonio (and coguion); Bolarda.1961 giornata: viaccia; Senility (and coguion). 1962: Agostino.1963: the corrupcion.1964: I miei cari and Luciana (episodes of the mia signora) (Co-Director); Famous lovers ("Three profiles of woman" episode) (Co-Director); Monsignor Cupid (episode of "The four dolls" Co-Director); La donna è a meravigliosa.1965 thing: Mademoiselle de Maupin.1966: Elena (episode of "Four witches" Co-Director); Roman nights (episode of "The oldest trade in the world"; Co-Director); Civic sense (episode of "Witches"; Co-Director). 1967: Arabella.1968: Perche? and the gelosia (episodes of "Capriccio all'italiana"; Co-Director); A bellissimo novembre.1969: L'assoluto naturale (and coguion); Metello (and coguion). 1970: Bubu of Montparnasse (and coguion). 1971: process a student accused of homicidio.1973: freedom, my love! (and coguion). 1974: the upper middle class (and coguion). 1975: the old escaleras.1976: Ferramonti.1977 heritage: great bollito.1978: vices of summer (an episode). 1980: Dame La aux camelies.1986: Goodbye, Moscow (and screenplay). 1988: the veneziana; Gli indifferenti (TV; and screenplay series) 1992: the village of the viernes.1993: Casa Ricordi.

As Assistant Director.

1947: Years dificiles.1948: resurreccion.1949: Cuori senza frontiere.1951: Signori in carrozza.1952: process to the city; Love and libertad.1953: Canzone appassionata (screenplay only).