Biography of Bonanno Pisano (1150-1200)

Sculptor and Italian architect of the twelfth century, active mainly in the city of Pisa.

As an architect he carried out the project of the famous leaning tower of Pisa, whose work began in 1173, although they had to be suspended due to a slip of the terrain that is responsible for the inclination of the tower. They were completed much later, but without substantial changes to the original draft, since it presents a coherent unit of the facade of the Cathedral grounds.

(See Pisa, Campo de los Milagros of).

As a sculptor, he made the Real bronze door of the Cathedral of Pisa, in the year 1180, which was destroyed by a fire in 1595. To him is attributed also San Raniero door located on the side of the transept of the Cathedral, where stories of the life of Christ are represented. Its implementation reveals that it was realised in the Puerta Real era, since it is a work of great maturity by its formal coherence and its broad approach, where within a classical framework, uses a language free of influences and very personal. Between these two works is the door, also of bronze, the facade of the Cathedral of Monreale, the year 1185 and performed in Pisa, in scenes of the old and New Testaments are represented it.


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