Biography of Jaime Bonells (s. XVIII)

Barcelona native Spanish physician with date of birth and death unknown. The limited biographical data possessed of Jaime Bonells, know that he was doctor of the Dukes of Alba (see House of Alba) and he took membership in institutions such as the Medical Academy Matritense and the Medico-practica Academy of Barcelona, that such importance had in Spanish medicine scientific renewal movement, as well as in the Académie de Médecine, Paris. Your linking to these institutions was reflected in his inaugural speech on the usefulness and necessity of the academies of practical medicine, pronounced in 1779 at the Barcelona Academy and was printed as a pamphlet and later reproduced in the first volume of the memoirs of the Centre.

In 1786 appeared a monograph of Bonells entitled damages that mothers who shun raise their children bring to mankind. It vehemently defended the advantages of breast feeding against the mercenary, with both medical and ethical arguments. He also stressed the economic benefits that accrue to the State measures that protect the health of future citizens. It is a text that corresponds to the pictorial movement of concern for public health problems.

The most important contribution of Bonells was the full course of Anatomy of the human body, in five volumes (1796-1800), who drafted in collaboration with Ignacio Lacaba. The work begins with a preliminary discourse that includes a brief summary of the more recent history of Spanish anatomy. Bonells and Lacaba, bring anatomical treaties by Manuel de Porras, Martín Martínez and Juan de Dios López, to try to justify his own contribution to consider "is not only superior to many [Anatomy texts] had in Spanish, but is also more complete than any of the foreigners that we know". The course was prepared with the knowledge of circulating European literature on the subject, and especially the works of Jakob Benignus Winslow, Pierre Joseph Desault, Albrecht von Haller, John Hunter and Félix Vicq d'Azyr. However, the use of these sources was made from experience disectiva that mostly Ignacio Lacaba, was: "have not followed blindly to any author, all have taken advantage of us, but we have only admitted what we have found as with the original book of the corpse". The descriptive order employing Bonells and Lacaba is not the traditional, in the description of the vessels and nerves precedes the viscera, in turn described in descending order: head, thorax, abdominal and pelvic cavities. On the other hand, distinguishes three types of anatomical Description: historical, physiological and pathological. These two last ways to describe human morphology are explicitly rejected by Bonells and Lacaba, which conform in strict mode to anatomical description called historic, one which uses a purely morphological criteria. This is a novelty with respect to Spanish anatomical texts of 18th-century authors prior to them, whose works mingle with physiological, and even the clinical type morphological data. The anatomical nomenclature used is the Latin, heavily influenced by the French and the text lacks iconography. At the end of the fifth volume, they provide a chapter of practical Anatomy on techniques of dissection, preservation of corpses and anatomical parts in wax molding. The course spread quickly, especially because it was used as a textbook in schools of surgery. (See history of medicine.)



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