Biography of Emilio de Bono (1866-1944)

Italian military, born in Cassano d´Adda on March 19, 1866 and died in Verona on 11 January 1944. He/She was one of the first followers to fascism, which collaborated with the founders of the party and helped Mussolini seize power.

In 1884 he/she joined the army as a second lieutenant, fighting in the colonies and promoted to generalship during the 1911 italo-Russian war. During the first world war, he/she participated in the offensives against the Austrians at Gorzia (1916) and Grappa (October 1818). After the war he/she was promoted to the rank of brigadier general.

Along with Balbo, was one of the organizers of the fascist movement, and in 1922 was part of the quadrumvirato who organised the March on Rome, which marked the beginning of the fascist regime in Italy. He/She participated actively in the fascist movement as head of police and Commander of the fascist militia. He/She was appointed Governor of Libya in 1925 and Minister of colonial Affairs four years later. The invasion of Abyssinia in 1935, he/she was appointed commander in Chief of the Italian for Ethiopia army, although he/she was replaced by general Pietro Bodoglio, then receiving the grade of general of division on November 16, 1935. Because of his age he/she was not required in the active service during the second world war. He/She was appointed Minister of State in 1842 and took part in the July 1943 Grand Council fascist, contributing to the fall of Mussolini.

Emilio de Bono was arrested when Mussolini regained power in Northern Italy with help from the Germans, tried for treason and executed along with Galeazzo Ciano.