Biography of William Booth (1829-1912)

Preacher and British reformer, born in Nottingham (England) on April 10, 1829 and died in London on August 20, 1912. It was founded in 1878 the Salvation Army, which has been declared "First General", a charge where he/she was succeeded by his son William Bramwell Booth (1856-1929). His daughter Evangelina Cory Booth was named "generala" during the period 1934-1939.

Of Jewish origin, Booth belonged to the working class and had a fairly unhappy youth. As an apprentice of a lender, he/she met the misery that was hiding in the cities. At the age of 15 left Anglicanism to adhere to Methodism, when moved by Feargus O'Connor underwent the so-called "conversion". When he/she was 17 years old he/she began to preach, following the example of an American evangelist, in the neighborhoods of Nottingham. He/She then moved to London, where he/she worked as an Assistant to a lender and as a lay preacher. As it was at odds with the doctrine salvationist of the Congregationalist, who was trying to join, joined the Congregation of new Methodism (1854). After a brief stay at the London seminar, Booth became a prominent preacher and received orders in 1858. By then already had married (in 1855) with Catherine Mumford (1829-1890), who around the religious concerns of her husband. The success of his preaching gave to understand Booth that Dios was called to become a traveling preacher, which left its name, declared independence and could improve their income. While preaching in London in 1865, launched the Salvation Army, which was of life its "first general". Deeply moved by the miseries suffered by the people of the street, the homeless, collaborated with W. T. Stead and wrote his work In Darkest England and the Way Out (1890), which was a great success. Booth was proposed to improve the material conditions of those people to be able to carry out his spiritual regeneration. In this, as in his missionary activity, not lacked difficulty, but thanks to his perseverance it triumphed. At the time of his death he/she was held by national hero. Booth was a biblical scholar, who always insisted in the sacrifice of Christ, the meaning of conversion and cristina perfection in his preaching.