Biography of Carlos Luis de Borbón (1818-1860)

Infante of Spain, son of don Carlos, brother of Fernando VII. When his father took the title of count of Molina, he took the count of Montemolin and after that he abdicated its claimed sovereignty in 1844, was hailed by his supporters under the name Carlos VI. In 1845 he prepared according to Cabrera an invasion by the mountains of Catalonia, which held some time. Another attempt carried out in 1849 also failed and cost him to be held some time in the city of Perpignan. Finally in 1860 he disembarked in the port of San Carlos de la Rapita, aided by general Ortega, capital general of the Balearic Islands, driving part of the garrison of those islands, and accompanied by his brother the infante don Fernando, general Elío, former head of the army of his father and several others. This attempt failed also because troops met the object of his mission and automatically revolted, took control of Ortega, who was shot a few days and the count of Montemolín was led outside the peninsula together with his brother, he signed with a waiver of all rights to the Crown and died at the same time that it, a few months after all these events.