Biography of Luis Antonio de. Duque de Angulema Borbón (1775-1844)

French aristocrat. Son of the count of Artois, then Carlos X; born in Versailles in 1775 and died at Göritz in 1844. He/She emigrated with his father in 1792, married in 1799 with his cousin María Teresa, daughter of Luis XVI. He/She lived in England until 1814, year in which entered France with Spaniards; He/She organized the resistance in the South of France during the return of Napoleon, but he/she was defeated and taken prisoner, but he/she was allowed to leave France; He/She returned the second restoration, and in 1823 was head of the army of 100,000 men invaded the Spain to overthrow the constitutional Government and restore the despotism. He/She then took the title of Dauphin, and left France with his family, driven out by the revolution of 1830. He/She lived after some time in Scotland and in Prague, and finally moved to Göritz, where he/she remained until his death.

The Liberal triennium: 1820-1823