Biography of Juan de. Conde de Barcelona Borbón y Battenberg (1913-1993)

Don Juan of Bourbon count of Barcelona.

Pretender to the Crown of Spain. Born in San Ildefonso in 1913 and died in Pamplona in 1993. Third son of Alfonso XIIIand Queen Victoria Eugenia, to be dethroned his father in 1931, emigrated to France. The resignation of his brothers Alfonso and Jaime, left him as heir to the throne rights. He/She married María de las Mercedes de Borbon y Orleans in 1935, and settled in Cannes. On the death of his father in 1941, he/she adopted the title of count of Barcelona. In 1946 it moved to Estoril (Portugal). In 1947 he/she was opposed to the law of succession to the head of State; He/She later sent his son Juan Carlos so that you become educated in Spain, under the tutelage of Franco. Since the proclamation of his son as heir (1969), dissolved his private counsel and delved into the search for an alternative to the regime, preferring a democratic monarchy with explicit popular consensus, which earned him the prohibition of entering the Spanish territory. Accessing your son to the throne (November 22, 1975), is reaffirmed as Chief and custodian of the monarchy. However, he/she found the consensus of political forces around his son Juan Carlos, made solemn and explicit waiver of his rights to the throne in 1977.

Alfonso XIII, original voice.

[S.M. in 1941, the King abdicated in favour of his son don Juan, Prince of Asturias and future count of Barcelona.] With this act he/she legitimizes the continuity of the Spanish monarchy, in the historical context of the dictatorship of general Franco, at the time leading to effect their will expressed in the Testament written in Lausanne in 1939, where he/she declared heir to the throne to his son].

Juan de Borbon y Battenberg, count of Barcelona, original voice.

[Don Juan waives his rights to the throne in favour of his son Juan Carlos, in 1977].

Borbón Juan, count of Barcelona, original voice, in advanced age.

Borbón Felipe, Prince of Asturias, original voice.

[Felipe, Prince of Asturias, is pronounced about their grandfather figure.]