Biography of Ernest Borgnine (1917-2012)

American actor, whose real name was Ermes Effron Borgnine, born on January 24, 1917 in Hamden (Connecticut), and died in Los Angeles, California, on 8 July 2012.


Artistically educated at the Randall School of Dramatics Arts of Hartford, in his native Connecticut, is not known very well whether before, during or after working trucker. Endowed with a particular physical, Ernest Borgnine began working in theatre, very tight to their action roles, but not to their dramatic possibilities. He made his debut with 31 years on stage with a work classic (won the Pulitzer), which would then be carried with great success to the big screen: Harvey (1948), the history of this giant rabbit that accompanies a SOT, known by all fans of the film.A few years later, in 1951, it finally reached Hollywood with China Corsair, Ray Nazarro, an adventure film very low budget and just remarkable for his presence in it. He continued appearing in small roles in films with no interest, until, in 1953, producer Buddy Adler, then under contract with the Columbia, although he was then head of 20th Century Fox production since 1956, called you to be fat and sadistic, always smiling, Sergeant ramming a huge beating Frank Sinatra (which then served to take the Oscar); the film was from here to eternity (1953), Fred Zinnemann. From here, its status as a secondary actor, almost luxury, rose, and his face began to be increasingly better known, especially when in 1954 he appeared in a couple of masterpieces of the western: the memorable Johnny Guitar (1954), Nicholas Ray, where is one of the great actors who live halfway between a village dominated by a woman (Mercedes McCambridge) and a saloon run by another (Joan Crawford); and the wonderful Vera Cruz (1954), Robert Aldrich, which gives life to Donnegan, a gruff unreliable gunman who rides alongside Burt Lancaster and Gary Cooper.The following year it was the peak of his artistic career. Your time came in Marty (1955), Delbert Mann, in which was a butcher in the Bronx, of Italian origin, which does not have any hope of finding a love that spends weekends in front of the TV, with her mother, her aunt, and also Italian friends, and that, one afternoon, after work, finally meet at a dance a teacher who leads a life almost like itlonely, boring and without love. Both will fall in love with one another, romance that environment, will oppose but ultimately ignored of all who surround him, and love triumphs. Originally a piece for television of Paddy Chayesfky, the film, which had wonderful interpretations of all the cast, won several Oscars, including best film, director and script (to the own Chayesfky) and, of course, Ernest Borgnine which won for her candid and vigorous performance.Despite the success of Marty, Borgnine continued playing roles of secondary, somewhat stereotyped, not contributed anything new to his career, although its interventions gave a great packing tape in which he acted. Thus, the same year as Marty, returned to be memorable as Coley in conspiracy of silence (1955) by John Sturges, where he was a member of a racist community that hides a shameful secret, composed, among others, Robert Ryan, Lee Marvin, and that becomes a splendid manco played by Spencer Tracy, with the intention of exposing the dirty laundry. He also embroidered its role in that version of the Othello of Shakespeare in the West called Jubal (1956), of Delmer Daves, in which Borgnine was a somewhat jealous rancher asking loving advice to a sober Glenn Ford. He was again to play a role of protagonist, shared here with Alan Ladd, in Arizona, federal prison (1958), Delmer Daves, a remake of born to the West in an exceptional way, of the concrete jungle, of Huston. And the same year, in 1958, rolled into the coasts of Norway and Great Britain, alongside a superb artistic group (Kirk Douglas, Tony Curtis, Janet Leigh, James Donald), a classic of adventure film, the Vikings, Richard Fleischer, where Borgnine embodied the proud and despotic Viking king Ragnar, father of Douglas legitimate and illegitimate Curtis, in an unforgettable story of betrayalspells, and honor.Tired perhaps that in Hollywood they offered the same roles, started from Season of Passion (1959), by Leslie Norman, his special tour of various national cinematographies, in this case the Australian, with a very unique comedy about human relations, in which, with John Mills, Anne Baxter and Angela Lansbury, is co-star. He left in 1961 to Italy, where he played some poor quality films, but, the following year, also in Italy, although in co-production with the United States, it was part of the impressive cast of an unforgettable film, the best production of Dino de Laurentiis, Barabbas (1962), from Richard Fleischer.En 1962, returned the view toward the world of television and began working in the Feuilleton McHale completo Navy, series which lengthened four seasons, until 1966. With it, won an Emmy for his portrayal of the mischievous and fun Commander Mchale.volvio to film in 1966 (but not before have been divorced two actresses of renown in the industry: Katy Jurado, with which it was married from 1959 until 1963, and Ethel Merman, which remained attached only 32 days in 1964), with great action moviessome directed by Robert Aldrich, as the splendid flight of the Phoenix (1966), or the twelve grossing of the dirty dozen (1967), film which originated a series of telefilms of impeccable formal invoice, in which Borgnine always repeated role as absolute star between 1985 and 1988. And it was Peckinpah which tore one of his best performances in the magistral Grupo salvaje (1969), where he was one of the members of that group of anachronistic men looking for a meaning to life (with William Holden, Ben Johnson and Warren Oates).In the 1970s and 1980s he alternated its appearances on the big and small screen, always as a child of posh, in a number of action films; among them are worthy of note: the revolution of the rats (1971), by Daniel Mann; The the Poseidon Adventure (1972), of Ronald Neame, a classic within the cinema of catastrophes; the Great Emperor of the North (1973), Robert Aldrich; intelligent comedy Law and Disorder (1974), Ivan Passer; the fun Convoy (1978), of Sam Peckinpah; the luxurious production of lions"(1994) hole black (1979), Gary Nelson; the curious deadly blessing (1981), Wes Craven, with a young Sharon Stone in the cast, or the today object of worship 1997: rescue in New York (1981) by John Carpenter, which plays the cinephile taxi driver who helps the 'snake' (Kurt Russell) to find the President of the United States that has fallen into an apocalyptic New York run by street gangs.In the 1990s it has continued to be as prolific as ever and continues to appear in productions of series B, telefilms, cameos or giving his hoarse and imposing voice in all kinds of movies, but mostly of ribbons of action, has finally become a constant in his career. Even so, their participation in a handful of masterpieces, its distinctive and imposing physical presence and his sobriety and professionalism to conform to what you gave, have become you an unforgettable and historical side of cinema.


1951: china Corsair; The Whistle at Eaton Falls; Power invisible.1953: The Stranger Wore a Gun; From here to the eternidad.1954: The Bounty Hunter; Johnny Guitar; Demetrius and the Gladiators; Vera Cruz. 1955: Conspiracy of silence; The Square Jungle; Marty; Search for your shelter; Tragic Saturday; Last orden.1956: Jubal; The Catered Affair; The Best Thing in Life Are Free.1957: Three Brave Men.1958: the Vikings; Arizona, federal prison; The last torpedo.1959: The Rabbit Trap; Season of Passion.1960: on a knife-edge; Pay or muere.1961: Sicilian vengeance; The King of Poggioreale; Last judgment; Naked in front of the mundo.1962: barrabas.1964: McHale completo Navy. 1966: The flight of the Phoenix; The Oscar.1967: Chuka; Twelve of the scaffold. 1968: The legend of Lylah Clare; The cast; Cebra.1969 Polar station: Wild group; The desesperados.1970: The Libertines; Tonight we are going guerra.1971: Ripped Off; The ratas.1972 revolution: the Avengers; Bunny O'Hara; The long days of violence; The Poseidon Adventure; Ana Coulder.1973: Odyssey under the sea; The Emperor of the norte.1974: Law and Disorder; Sunday sangriento.1975: Devil rain; Destination fatal.1976: Shoot; Christmas in a House of citas.1977: I, the better; The forest in llamas.1978: the Prince and the pauper; Convoy.1979: The planet of vultures; The Double Mcguffin; The abyss negro.1980: the day of the end of the mundo.1981: deadly blessing; 1997: rescue in New York; The Special; High risk. 1983: Young warriors. 1984: Hunt for the hombre.1986: command ducks salvajes.1988: Moving Target; Spike of Bensonhurst.1989: Laser Mission; Gummibärchen Küsst Man Nicht; Qualcuno Paguera.1990: Any Man's Death; Tides of War; L'Ultima partita.1991: Mountain of Diamonds.1992: Mistress.1994: The Legend of O.B. Taggart.1995: Captiva Island.1996: Merlin completo Shop of Mystical Wonders; All Dogs Go to Heaven 2 (voice). 1997: Gattaca; McHale completo Navy.1998: Basketball; All Dogs Christmas Carol; 12 Bucks; Small Soldiers (voice). 1999: Love Boat: The Movie; The Last Great Ride; Abilene.

Television productions

1962: McHale completo Navy (TV series) - up to 1966.1971: Rain For a Dusty Summer; Sam Hill: Who Killed Mr. Foster?; The Trackers.1972: Film Portrait.1974: Twice in a Lifetime.1976: Future Cop.1978: The Cops and Robin. 1979: All quiet on the frente.1983: Blood Feud.1984: Love Leads the Way.1985: The Dirty Dozen: The Next Mission.1987: The Dirty Dozen: The Deadly Mission.1988: The Dirty Dozen: The Fatal Mission; Skeleton Coast.1989: Jake Spanner, Private Eye; Turnaround.1990: Appearances.1993: Tierarztin Christine.1995: Tierarztin Christine II; The Single Guy (TV series). 1997: All Dogs Go To Heaven (TV series); Big Guns Talk: The Story of the Western.

Guest in TV Series actor

1954: Ford Theatre (episode: Night Visitor). 1955: Fireside Theatre (episode: The Poachers).1956-60: Zane Grey Theater (episodes Black Creek Encounter and A Gun for Willie). 1957-65: Wagon Train (episodes: The Willy Moran Story, Around the Horn, The were Zamora Story, The Earl Packer Story and The Indian Girl Story). 1958: Schlitz Playhouse of Stars (Two Lives Have I).1959-60: Laramie (episodes: Circle of Fire, and Ride the Wild Wind). 1961: General Electric Theater (Bar Mitzvah of Major Ordovsky). 1962: Alcoa Premiere (Seven Against the Sea); The Andy Williams Show. 1966: Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theatre (The Blue-Eyed Horse); Run For your Life. 1968: Get Smart (The Little Black Book). 1974: the House on the Prairie (The Lord is My Shepherd: Part 2). 1982: Magnum P.I. (Mr. White Death). 1987: Murder, She Wrote (Death Takes a Dive). 1992: Home Improvement (Birds of a Feather Flock to Taylor).1993-94: The Commish (episodes: Rising Sun and A Christmas Story); The Simpsons (voice) (Boy Scoutz N the Hood). 1996: Pinky and the Brain (voice) (episodes: Brain completo Father and Pinky completo Father). 1998: JAG (Yesterday completo Heroes).