Biography of Antonio Borrero Cortázar (1827-1911)

Politician and Ecuadorian statesman, born in Cuenca, 28 October 1817, and died in his farm "Charasol" (basin), in 1911. He/She was President of the Republic between 1875 and 1876. He/She studied law and was peer García Moreno and Rafael Pólit. Parallel to the development of his profession, practiced journalism and founded La República and El Sentinel and directed in the Curia of Quito sheet El Porvenir, where published articles literary and political criticism. It intervened in politics from the ranks of Catholic liberalism. Towards the year 1859, he/she supported the candidacy of García Moreno, antimilitarist character. In 1863 he/she was elected to the Vice-Presidency, but had already arisen discrepancies with García Moreno because of the irregularities committed by the latter, so Borrero renounced such charge.

From the newspaper the Sentinel Borrero continued whipping the abuses of other rulers, which was pursued and had to hide along with José Rafael Arizaga.

Elected President in 1875, it adopted a policy openly opposed to the of García Moreno, among other things, it re-established the Constitution of 1869. This led to the division of the country and led to a clash of forces that Borrero was overthrown by general Veintemilla. Prisoner was taken, and was forced into exile in Colombia, Peru and Chile, exile that lasted for seven years and ended with his fortune.

Returned to his country, he/she was the Governor of Azuay with prudence and tolerance. In 1892, with a lifetime pension granted him the President Eloy Alfaro, withdrew to his property "Charasol" where he/she lived the last years to the warmth of your home and your family. Borrero was actually a victim between two politicians bold: García Moreno and Veintemilla. In addition to multiple articles, he/she wrote a biography of the father of Solano and refutation of the book of the Revd Father A. Berthe entitled García Moreno, President of Ecuador, Avenger and martyr of the Christian right.