Biography of Yury Borzakovski (1981-VVVV)

Russian athlete born in Joukovski, a location near Moscow, on April 12, 1981.

Despite his youth, he/she has managed that many consider him one of the promises firmer to be future champion 800 m. His first sporting achievement took place during the European Championships youth, where became champion. However, where it became more known it was at the European Championships held in the year 2000 in Ghent, where he/she was the protagonist of a strange race where applied the technique of stay from the beginning in late position to near the end of the test, trace. This was precisely what took place in this race and got proclaimed champion with a record of 1'47 "92"'.

Soon dubbed "the shilling", for its specialty in the test King of the athletes in this country, has always had the dream of winning the following Olympics which were held in Sydney (2000) and which began as one of the Favorites. For workouts he/she chose as his hometown.

Borzakovsky surpassed all the heats and reached a final where the best promises of the test were concentrated. Next Borzakovskiy was Kipketer, but the unexpected happened: Borzakovskiy again used his favorite technique, that's not why ceases to be risky; on this occasion the young athlete pressed rhythm too late in a race where all participants stayed together too and are hindered each other. Borzakovskiy found space to perform his final sprint and had to settle with finish the race without getting any square to the podium and remained in sixth place.

The winner of the race was also a surprise, despite the fact that had several runners who started as favourite: became champion German Nils Shumann with a mark of 1' 45 '' 8 '' '. The six athletes who crossed the line behind him did so later only 75 cents. In second and third places were Kipketer and Saïd-Guerni, respectively.